Years 3 and 4

Welcome to 3 Ruby and 3/4 Bronze

Our Stage 2 classes are a Year 3  class and a composite class made up of Year 3 and 4 students. Our classrooms are an ideal learning environment where every student is valued and encouraged to do their absolute best.

Literacy is a strong focus in our class and we have embraced the creative and critical thinking aspects of the new English Syllabus. In writing, we have been learning to write to persuade and entertain and we are reading a variety of quality texts.

We follow the new Mathematics Syllabus and remain consistent with the rest of the school in regards to numeracy content. We develop a range of mental and written strategies to solve problems in all strands of mathematics.

Examples of our learning in HSIE and Science and Technology include investigating human exploration of space. In Creative Arts we study the works of famous artists and draw inspiration from them to experiment with a variety of media to express ourselves imaginatively to produce work of a high standard.

We love participating in sport, especially PSSA where some of us get to play against other schools.