Years 1 and 2

Welcome to 1 Purple, 1 Red and 1/2 Yellow

We are a busy bunch in Stage 1, if we are not in the classroom, we are either with our Italian teacher Signor Kirkby, or out playing sport. We love being active and love our fabulous playground.

In English, we rotate around four activities in reading groups and borrow home readers each week to help us become confident, independent readers. This term, we are also learning all about nouns and verbs and how to write longer, more detailed recounts.

We have been working on our number skills in maths so that we can read, write and order numbers up to 100. We also practise counting forwards and backwards from any number up to 100. We participate in lots of engaging hands on activities and we love playing interactive maths games on the Smartboard.

In the afternoons we are usually doing fun things such as music, art, library, computers, HSIE or science.  Everyone loves playing the percussion instruments & singing & dancing!

We enjoy doing visual arts with our teachers and making our classroom bright and colourful! We follow the Waverley Golden Rules to make sure everyone feels happy and is able to learn all they can.

Friday mornings, we wear our sports uniform to school in our house colours. Sport is so much fun & we are getting better at throwing & catching. We have relays, races & games too so everyone feels excited when it’s time for sport!