Welcome to K Blue,  K Green and K Orange

We have been very busy learning how to read and write. We are learning beginning sounds and letter names, sight words and how to write recounts this term. We love using our reading eggs program and playing fun maths games with concrete materials and on the Interactive Whiteboard. We have been busy reading, writing and counting numbers to 10. Kindergarten knows all the “Friends of Ten.”

In English we love our reading group rotations where we write our sight words on our small whiteboards, play sight word games, practise our handwriting and read in groups with our teachers.

We attend Italian lessons with Signor Kirkby, who is teaching us many words and phrases in Italian. We attend music with Miss Rodgers and library where we borrow beautiful books from our library. We are also enjoying using the computers.

Every Friday we participate in physical fitness activities with other classes. We have lots of fun doing star jumps, running games and dance. We always remember to wear our House colours and running shoes.

We have had a very busy start to our first school year and really look forward to the many exciting programmes and activities ahead!