School Programs

Waverley Primary School aims to meet the personal, social and educational needs of every student. It is committed to maximizing the full potential of all. It is committed to providing quality learning programs and practices that focus on the educational achievement of its students and that are tailored to provide every child with the opportunity to achieve their personal best.

Waverley has developed programs with a strong focus on Student Welfare, Literacy and Numeracy. Early identification and support programs are provided for students who require additional assistance and enrichment opportunities are provided for talented students.

At Waverley our aim is to develop happy, self-disciplined learners who are able to reach their full potential in a stimulating and caring environment. We aim to instil an enthusiasm for learning and we actively promote values such as tolerance, respect, understanding and good manners.


Waverley Primary School offers a comprehensive Computer Education Program. Our students attend Computer classes for 1 to 2 hours a week where they use computers to create multimedia presentations, publish written work, collate information, and communicate with others, research and to extend upon their word processing skills. Each classroom is linked to the Internet and our students are encouraged to use this technology to enhance their learning across all curriculum areas. The Department of Education’s intranet provides the children with access to a school email facility, as well as other services used for educational purposes. Our school has a Connected Classroom and a dedicated PC Computer Lab. All permanent classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboards.

The Connected Classrooms Program is a NSW State Government initiative to provide Department of Education and Training (DET) staff and students with new opportunities to connect with each other across enhanced technology facilities for sharing resources and data collaboration

The aims of our Interactive Classrooms Project at Waverley PS:

  • we are equipped with an Interactive Classroom (interactive whiteboard, video conferencing facility and data collaboration)
  • we can enable direct video links to allow online field trips to places such as the State Library, The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the National Museum of Australia
  • we allow university and industry experts to be connected into classrooms to deliver lectures and respond to questions and ideas
  • we support increased use of ICT within Quality Teaching
  • we support teachers to personalise learning
  • we enhance opportunities for collaboration between students, teachers, classes and schools across DET
  • we provide necessary infrastructure to enhance collegial support networks for teachers.

Student Email Accounts

All students have their own email account that also provides access to the Internet.

The Department of Education and Training monitors and controls access to non-educational sites to protect the students from undesirable material. Students, in conjunction with their parents, are required to sign a “Code of Conduct” agreement before Internet access is permitted.

Student Representative Council

At Waverley Primary two students from each class from Kindergarten to Year 6 are elected to the SRC as representatives of their peers. Their role is to promote the views of students and to encourage students to become actively involved in school policy.

Student ideas are heard and their opinions valued. Schools benefit too when students are involved in school organisation and planning.

SRC members make a valuable contribution to the way the school functions as a community. Students have their say on a wide variety of issues from school uniforms, policies and canteen menus. The role of the SRC at Waverley Primary is also to organise and promote school events such as the Easter Hat Parade and promote SRC fundraising initiatives for various charities, such as Stewart House. The SRC also forms the cornerstone of our environmental activities.


Waverley Primary School has a large collection of fiction, non-fiction and reference books. The library program is taught over three days at Waverley Primary School. Each class attends one lesson per week. All students are encouraged to become enthusiastic borrowers and exchange their library books each week during their library time. The library is available to every student and teacher. The resources and environment will stimulate interest and enthusiasm in learning through reading, listening and viewing. All children are instructed in library use. Parents may assist by:

  • ensuring children have a library bag
  • ensuring all books are returned
  • helping in the Library with book care
  • donating books – a gesture which is always appreciated
  • enrolling children in the local municipal library
  • contributing to the Waverley Primary Library Fund (tax deductible)

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)


The community language taught at Waverley Primary School is Italian. The Italian programme is currently taught by Mrs Maria Sutera. Every class attends Italian classes where they learn basic phrases, words for colours, numbers and learn about the traditional and modern culture of Italy. The classes are of 1 hour duration. Each year children in Years K-6 participate in our Italian program. This program aims to give children insights into the language and culture of Italy and to develop positive attitudes to further study of other languages and cultures.


The Creative and Practical Arts have always been traditionally strong at Waverley Primary School. Our school’s music program reflects this ethos. Our school assemblies, concerts and annual participation in district and state performances reflect the quality teaching in music. District and State Performances that Waverley Primary School has performed in include: Sydney Region Music Festival with the Choir singing at the Sydney Opera House. The Festival of Instrumental Music at the Opera House (recorder); and CoSiES Education Week launch

Class based Creative & Practical Arts programs include instruction in dance, visual arts and drama. Children are encouraged to participate in all aspects of our programs.

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented students are identified and catered for through:

  • Stage grouping for literacy and numeracy
  • Differentiation: the curriculum
  • Partial acceleration, esp. in Mathematics
  • In school extension programs such as Operation Art and Writing

Creative & Practical Arts

This KLA is diverse, incorporating Visual Arts, Music, Drama, and Dance.

In Visual Arts students create artworks, pottery etc.

Visual Arts Program

We offer a comprehensive Visual Arts program at Waverley Primary School. Our specialist Art teacher is Mrs. Michele Middleton.

Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to work with Mrs. Middleton to develop and extend their skills, to participate in Gifted and Talented days, and produce artworks to be submitted for competitions.

Each year, Waverley Primary School enters a state wide competition, ‘Operation Art’. Children who enter their artworks in this competition are from public and private schools.

In each of the past 8 years, Waverley Primary School has been selected in at least one of the four categories.

The prize winning artworks are then displayed in prominent galleries, hospitals and community council buildings throughout Australia and around the world.

The pictures that are displayed on this page are examples of work from students in Kindergarten through to Year 6. These works have hung in:

  • The NSW Art Gallery
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital
  • The Commission for Young People
  • Regional Country Hospitals, and
  • Art Galleries in Nagoya, Japan.

Extra Curricular Activities

The following are extra curricular activities that are privately run on our premises:

  • Class Artz (Visual and multimedia art classes)Phone: (02) 9311 1632
  • Theatrix (Drama classes)Mobile: 0403 187 509
  • Inter-School Chess group (Chess) Fridays 3.30-4.30pm Sydney Academy of ChessPhone: (02) 9745 1170
  • Sydney Academy of Music, Director Leonidas Kourmadas  (Piano):Mobile:  0421 198 747
  • Association of Brazilian BilingualPortuguese Classes
  • Sydney Datong Chinese SchoolChinese Language Classes