Key Learning Areas

Key Learning Areas – KLAs

Primary learning includes whole-class, group and individual activities designed to develop an inquiring mind and teach basic learning skills needed for schooling and later life.

Literacy and numeracy are the building blocks of learning and that is why English and Mathematics take up half of students’ learning time in primary school.

Kindergarten to Year 6 focuses on Key Learning Areas KLAs:

Waverley Public School offers quality education in all KLAs. These include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology
  • Creative and Practical Arts: Music, Dance, Art and Drama
  • Human Society in its Environment (HSIE): includes “Languages other Than English” (LOTE) – Italian
  • Personal Development, Health & Physical Education

Cross curricular issues such as multicultural education, gender equity, Aboriginal education, mass media sustainability and technology are integrated into all out Teaching and Learning Programs.

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Assessment & Reporting

At Waverley Public we strive to ensure we produce valid and meaningful information to parent s and students in relation to student achievement. Our teachers and support staff use a number of assessment methods that go beyond the traditional teacher-devised tests. The methods we use are aimed at assessing the capabilities of students in various situations.

Our assessments range from informal teacher observations, work samples, and student self-assessment tasks to formal ‘pen and paper’ tests. The most common assessment methods used at Waverley Public to provide evidence of achievement using outcomes are:

  • observing and recording student achievement as it occurs, eg oral presentations, movement skills, participation, language development;
  • mapping progress through the collection of student work samples over a period of time
  • tasks that incorporate the application of understandings and learning processes in a set project;
  • analysis of non-print-based work samples in areas such as in Visual Arts (Creative and Practical Arts) and designing and making (Science and Technology).

At Waverley Public assessment is an integral part of our planning. In addition to providing information for reporting, assessment plays an important role in informing the selection of learning experiences. Assessment precedes teaching, it inherently occurs during teaching, and it can also occur outside of a classroom context – it is a fundamental component in the teaching-learning cycle.


Our school reports a summary of your child’s progress with written reports using the grade scale twice a year and provides ongoing detail through interviews or meetings.

Our students participate in a number of external and internal formal assessment programs such as:

  • Best start Kindergarten assessments in literacy and numeracy – these assessments helps our teachers to identify the learning needs of your child.

NAPLAN results help teachers meet the individual Literacy and Numeracy needs of students. You will receive a detailed written report of your child’s achievement in the tests.

Optional assessments: