General Information

School’s Motto

“Because we Care”

School Vision

“Create a supportive environment that celebrates a love of learning and inspires our students to realise their full potential”

School Values

Promoting a positive learning environment is a high priority for the staff of Waverley Public School. We implement teaching and learning approaches that support the development of skills needed by our students to meet our high standards and core values – respect, safety and engagement


  • Treat one another with dignity
  • Speak and behave courteously
  • Cooperate with others
  • Take care of their belongings and the property of the school and others
  • Listen to others


  • Model and follow safe behaviour in all school settings
  • Negotiate and solve conflict thoughtfully
  • Take personal responsibility for behaviour and actions
  • Care for themselves and support their peers
  • Avoid dangerous behaviour and encourage others to avoid dangerous behaviour


  • Actively participate in learning
  • Strive to achieve personal best
  • Be prepared for every lesson
  • Arrive at school and class on time

Contact information

School Address:
155 Bronte Road WAVERLEY New South Wales 2024

Phone: (02) 9389 4843 – (02) 9389 4847
Fax: (02) 9369 4273

Email: Website:

School Hours

Monday – Friday

Morning Assembly 9:00am
Lunch 11:00am to 11:55am
Recess 1:25pm to 1:45pm
Finish 3:00pm


Students may be on school grounds 30 minutes before school starts.