Our School

Welcome to our School

Welcome to Waverley Public  School website. The site has been developed through a collaboration of parents, staff, and students reflecting the values of co-operation and team work.

Your family is about to embark on a wonderful and exciting adventure. We hope you become part of our family so we can work in partnership to nurture and educate your child.

Our school has, over the last couple of years, grown in student numbers. This is in part due to the warm, caring and friendly atmosphere. Students and parents are warmly welcomed into the school. Here we listen to each other and learn together.

The growth is also in part due to the wide range of educational experiences provided in a friendly, safe and stimulating environment. The curriculum is extensive and varied. Not only do we have a strong emphasis on the development of students’ literacy and numeracy skills, but also the social, cultural and physical needs of students. Quality teaching ensures quality learning, geared to individual differences and the full spectrum of students from gifted and talented to those having learning difficulties.

All Learning Areas are comprehensively taught, and integrated into whole school programs. Currently we have specialist teachers in Italian, Music and Visual Arts. Our choir has participated in concerts at the Opera House, as has our recorder group, and we have consistently had national and international success with students’ art works.

Innovative programs; traditional teaching; modern technology; hands-on learning; co-operative learning; individual programs; ability groups; learning support; extension work; we do what it takes to ensure your child receives a comprehensive education.

The dedicated staff care about each child, and the children care about each other. As our motto states: Because we Care.