Years 1 – 6

Application to enrol in a NSW Government school

At Waverley we are always happy to help you with your enrolment enquiries anytime throughout the year, just ring or email, and our friendly administration staff will provide you with the information you need.

To apply to enrol

An Application to Enrol form needs to be completed. The application to enrol in a NSW Government school form is available as part of our enrolment pack, which you can download from PDF link above, collect from the school office or have it posted out to you. This enrolment is standard in all NSW Government schools.  You will need to provide the following documentation prior to your child starting school.

  1. Complete an application to enrol in a NSW Government school pdf above and return it to the school. We will notify you of the result of your application.

Please note that this application form must be completed in English. To help parents who do not read English, there are translations of the enrolment application, which may help you fill out the form in English.

  1. Please contact us to make an appointment to apply to enrol your child. You will need to bring these documents with you:
    • your child’s birth certificate or identity documents
    • a transfer certificate, if you are enrolling from another government school
    • proof of student’s address – originals of different documents such as your council rates notice or residential lease and electricity bill
    • Immunisation history statement based on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)
    • family law or other relevant court orders (if applicable).

Out-of-area applications

When it comes to considering out-of-area applications, our public school principals are required to follow departmental policy. This is because we must ensure that all eligible in-area students wishing to attend their local school are able to do so. Contact the school to find out more about their out-of-area selection criteria. Out of Area Enrolment Form

Overseas Students

Temporary Visa Holders

If your child has a temporary visa or visitor visa you will need to apply to enrol by contacting the temporary residents program.  Student dependants of people travelling to Australia from overseas on business or study visas may be enrolled in a NSW government school provided that the school is prepared to accept that enrolment. Students can be enrolled for the term of their visa. A student may not attend the school until they have been issued with an authority to enrol.

Most temporary residents, who are working or studying in NSW, fall into a category liable to pay fees. There are a few exclusions where fees do not apply. NZ nationals are exempt from fees. Whether fees are to be paid is dependent on the type of visa issued to you. Fees are approximately $4500AUD per year or part thereof. These fees are not paid to the school but to the Temporary Visa Holder Unit. Initial enquiries can be made to
Eligibility and Procedures for the Enrolment of International Students in NSW Government Schools.

More Information

For more information, including details of how to apply, visit our international students

International Students

Phone: (02) 9217 4801
827-839 George Street Broadway NSW 2007 Australia
PO Box 707 Broadway NSW 2007

CRICOS Provider Name:  NSW Department of Education and Trianing (Schools). CRICOS
Provider Code:  00588M

Contact Information

Please notify the school immediately if there are changes to:

  • home address
  • home, work or mobile telephone number
  • child’s designated emergency contact person’s name or telephone number
  • child’s custody or access arrangements. Copies of Court Orders should be provided.

Please advise the class teacher of the changes in writing. Our capacity to contact you for either educational concerns or medical emergencies is very much dependent upon the accuracy of the details you provide.