School Terms & Holidays

School Term Dates: 2017*

Term One

Friday 27 January – Friday 8 April

Staff Return  Friday 27 January for SDD
Students Yrs 1-6 return on Monday 30 January
Kindergarten 2017 commence on Wednesday 1 February

Last day Term 1 Friday 7 April

Term Two

Monday 26  April  – Friday 30 June

Staff Return  Monday 24 April for SDD
Students commence Wednesday 26 April

Last day Term 2 Friday 30 June

Term Three

Monday 17 July – Friday 22 September

Staff Return  Monday 17th July for SDD
Students commence Tuesday 18th July

Last day Term 3 Friday 22 September

Term Four

Monday  9 October to Tuesday 19 December

Staff & Students commence Monday 9 October
Students finish on Friday 15 December
Staff finish Tuesday 19 December

*The first day of terms 1, 2 and 3 are Staff Development Days (SDD)

School Attendance

Attendance requirements

In NSW, it is a legal requirement that children attend every day unless sick or on a planned holiday. This means all children between the ages of six and fifteen are legally required to attend school. Attendance is recorded daily and a ‘roll call ‘is usually conducted before the first lesson of the day.

For the benefit of all children, parents or carers should ensure their child attends school regularly. Any absence from school should be explained with a written note within seven days of the absence. Parents may also use the Schoolzine app to send absence details or email the school. Similarly, schools are required to inform parents promptly of any unexplained absences.

Please keep your child at home if they are unwell. If your child happens to fall sick whilst at school, you will be promptly contacted.